1. Anatomy Read more

2. Acromio-Clavicular arthritis

3. Biceps conditions Read more

4. Brachial plexus Read more

5. Clinical examination Shoulder Part I
                                          Part II
                                          Part III 

6. Calcification tendinitis. Read more

7. Cuff tear: Complete

    Subscapularis tear Read more

8. Glenoid dysplasia

9. Fatty infiltration of supraspinatus Read more

10. Frozen shoulder Read more

11.Parsonage-Turner syndrome 

12.Paralabral tear

13. Rotator cuff tear Read More

14. Rotator cuff Arthropathy Read more

15. Shoulder arthritis and replacement Read more

16. Shoulder arthrodesis Read more

17. SLAP Read more

18. Shoulder instability Read More

     Posterior Shoulder instability Read more

     Recurrent posterior dislocation Read more 

19. Winging of scapula Read more
   Serratus anterior winger

   Trapezius winger Watch