Mr VASU PAI MBChB, FRACS (Orth), Nat Board Orth Surg[Bombay], MCH [Liverpool], MS, D’Orth,CIME
Orthopaedic Consultant

Diploma Ortho (1983) , Mysore University
Master of Ortho (1985), Mangalore University
National Ortho (1987) , National Board (Bombay)
M.Ch. in Ortho (1991),
University of Liverpool, UK
FRACS (2006), Royal Australasian College, NZ
CIME (2014), American Board of Independent examiners


Profiled in "Who's who in Medicine 2009" [Marquis]
Visa qualifying exam (1981), NBME, U.S.A
NZREX Exam,(1995), NZ
Senior fellowship "Lumbar spinal stenosis". [Indian Council of Med Res]
Fellow of the Academity of Gen Ed. Manipal, India. 1985
Editor , Clin J Orth Surg
Reviewer for Post graduate journal,India
Reviewer for Foot and Ankle Surg J
NZ young ambassador to China to represent NZOA 2009
Examiner Set I, FRACS

Previously worked as a consultant in Gisborne hospital in 2007.
Previously worked in UK, India, New Zealand [Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Dunedin]
Honorary Lecturer in Dunedin Medical school
Honorary Lecturer in Birmingham Accident Hospital
Assistant Professor in KMC, Manipal, India

Experienced with soft tissue and joint injuries; joint replacement: Hip, knee, Shoulder, Common orthopaedic problems of the knee, shoulder, elbow, foot and ankle.

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Oct 1983                                    Symposium :“Fracture neck of femur” Manipal, India 

Mar 1983                                    Myelogram findings in Lumbar canal stenosis. KOC, India 

Dec 1983                                   Tuberculosis of  Spine. tuberculosis club, India. 

Sep 1984                                   Faculty member to the CME,  Manipal, India 

Feb 1987                                    Lumbar canal stenosis,  KOC, India. 

Oct 1987                                    US measurement of spinal Canal. IOA, Delhi, India. 

Jan 1988                                    LCS. Asian congress on trauma replacement, India 

Mar 1988                                   Treatment of Neglected Neck of femur, KOA, India 

Mar 1988                                   Neglected posterior dislocations of Hip.KOA, India 

Oct 1991                                   Total Hip replacement Royal Liverpool Hospital, UK. 

Dec 1998                                   Prognostic  factors in repair of rotator. 6th GCC, Qatar 

Oct 1999                                   Repair of Rotator cuff, NZOA conference, Wellington 

Oct 2001                                   THR for fracture neck of femur. NZOA, Queenstown, NZ 

Oct 2002                                   Minimally invasive fixation of distal tibia. NZOA, NZ

Oct 2002                                   Dislocation of the THR  needing  NZOA, NZ 

Oct 2003                                   Unusual penetrating injury Knee.  Knee Society, Tauranga 

Oct 2003                                   Atypical Rupture of Achilles, Knee meeting, Tauranga 

Oct 2003                                   Titanium Nail fixation, NZOA, Rotoroa

Oct 2003                                   Atypical Rupture of Achilles Tendon, NZOA, Rotoroa 

Oct 2004                                   Surgical Repair of Spondylolysis, Prof Jeffrey Registrar paper 
                                                   [Best paper award]

Oct 2005                                   Surgical Repair of Spondylolysis, NZOA, 2005 

March 2006                              Terrible triad.  Visiting professor day, Wellington           

Feb 2007                                  Accessory fibularae, Napier. National Paediatric conference
                                                  Unusual ankle pain. Napier. National Paediatric conference

Sept 2009                                 Poster presentation, SICOT, Pattaya

 Nov 2009                                TJR: ethnic difference.Xiamen, as an ambassador from NZOA  


Feb 2011                                   II Int conference Medical Negligence, Goa. Plenary talk: 
                                                   Treatment injury in NZ

3/8/2011                                    AMA4  Core, Mel, by AMA Victoria

3/8/2011                                   AMA4  Spine, Mel, by AMA Victoria

30/8/2011                       AMA4  Lower extremity, Mel, by AMA Victoria

 Nov 2012                                Combined 33rd SICOT Orthopaedic world conference, Dubai
                                                 1. Treatment injury in NZ
                                                 2. Modified lateral approach for THR

Aug 2013                                 APLAR Bali, Poster on “Epidemiology Backache in NZ”

June 2014                                AMA Permanent evaluation 5th edition. by ABIME Brisbane

17 June 2015                            COA, CORS, and CAOS Annual Meeting, Vancouver 

17 Sep 2015                     36th SICOT, China.   Risk factors for Chronic Backache

2 Jan 2016                        Orthop Alumni Conference, Presentation on Total hip replacement
                                         and Chronic Backache

21 June 2016                    ABIME AMA 6 by Mohammed Ranavaya 


27 May 2017                     AMA 5  Advance case study, Melbourne, ABIME
                                                Causation, ABIME, COMCRE, ABIME 
                                                Medicolegal report writing and court testimony skills, 

29 Nov 2017                    36th SICOT, Cape town. Prognastic factors on 1000 patients with back and neck symptoms
                                          On compensation


7 Sep 2018                     AOA/RACS/AMLC combined Medico-Legal Meeting, Sidney                                  

 23 Sep 2018                   Comcare guides to assessment of the Degree of

                                         impermanent (2.1 of the guide)


7 Sept 2019                    AOA/RACS/AMLC combined Medico-Legal Meeting, Gold coast  

4 Dec 2019                    39th SICOT, Muscat.  Treatment injury in NZ