1. Fracture treatment

     Closed Treatment:  Cast

     External Fixation Read more

     Internal Fixation
      a. Plate Fixation. Read more

      b. Type of Plates Read more

      c. Intramedullary fixation Read more

      d. Bone Screw Read  more


2. Fracture complications
      a. Post traumatic Arthritis Read more

3. Open fracture Read more


4. Polytrauma Read more

5. Soft tissue injury
   Hand  High pressure injuries Read more 
   Knee  Posterolateral instability Read more




 1. Clavicle Read more

 2. Proximal humerus fracture Read more
    Technique ORIF proximal humerus with a locking plate Read more

 3. Scapular fracture Read more

 4. Shaft humerus Read more
     ORIF Plate technique Read more
     Anterolateral approach Read more
     Posterior approach Read more
     Antegrade nailing Read more
     Minimal invasive surgery Read more

     Intramedullary Nailing Read more




1. Capitellar fracture Read more

2. Coronoid fracture Read more

3. Intercondylar fractre Read more

4. Lateral condyle fracture Read more

5. Medial epicondyle fracture Read more

6. Supracondylar fracture in children
    Demographics and basics Read more
    Techniques and debates Read more
    Complications Read more



1.  Distal radius fracture Read more
     Distal radius Complications  Read more 

2.  Forearm fractures in children Read more

     Forearm fractures in Adult

      a. Henry's and Boyd's approach Read more
      b. Thompson's approach Read more

     Olecranon fracture
        Plate fixation Read more

3.  Perilunate dislocation
     Perilunate disocation basics  Read more
     Perilunate dislocation management  Read more

3.  Scaphoid fracture
     Basics Read more
     Technique of Fixation Read more
     Complications Read more
     Volar approach Watch
     Dorsal approach Watch


4.  DISI  Read more
     Technique acute SL ligament rupture

4.  Ulnar sided pain
     Anatomy and assessment Read more 
     TFCC injury Read more
     Ulnocarpal impaction Read more



1. Fracture neck of femur Read more

2. Fracture intertrochanteric Read more
    DHS technique Read more
   Deroation screw Read more


2. Fracture shaft femur
     Classification and technique Read more 
     Special cases and complications Read more
    Fracture Shaft of femur in Children
     Supracondylar fracture femur
     Intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fracture 


1. Tibial Plateau fracture Classification Read more

    Tibial Plateau Treatment  Read more

    My preference  Read more

2. Fracture Patella Read more
     Technique  Read more

3. Fracture tibia
    Classification and basics Read more
    Technique of Intramedullary nailing Read more
    Plate and external fixator Read more
   Minimal Invasive fixation Read more

    special situation Read more
    Complications Read more



1. Ankle fracture
    a. Basics  Read more
    b. Classification  Read more
    c. Treatment  Read more
    d. Complications Read more
    e. Ankle fracture in Children Read more 
    f. Ankle fracture in children complications Read more

2. Calcaneal fracture
    Technique Fixation of avulsion fracture Read more
    Technique of ORIF calcaneum Read more

3. Lisfrancs fracture
    Technique of Fixation Read more    

3. Talar fracture

    Basics Read more
    Head and neck Read more
    Lateral process fracture talus 
Read more
    Other fracture of talus Read more
   Treatment of talar neck fracture Read more
    Complications Read more

2. Pilon fracture Read more